explore primary rainforest and the maya past

The Pook’s Hill Reserve acts as a buffer zone to the 6,700 acre Tapir Mountain Reserve which extends to the southwest of the lodge and forms a contiguous block of forest across the Maya Mountains to the Toledo District in the south of Belize. The forest is a mature semi-deciduous broadleaf tropical rainforest that has not been logged since the time of the Maya.

A rich diversity of animal life including over 300 bird species and most of Belize’s mammals, including tapirs and jaguars are present within the reserve. The Pook’s Hill Reserve is listed with the Belize Association of Private Protected Areas.

Pook's Hill is an ideal location to explore the primary rainforest of Belize, with home comforts at the Lodge.




Pook’s Hill has been endorsed by ornithologists as being in a league of its own. The birding from the lodge is superb, with over 300 birds recorded at Pook’s Hill.


The combination of jungle trails, river walks and forest clearings provide birders with excellent opportunity to spot Belize’s forest and migratory species. Hummingbirds give a spectacular display at the lodge and sightings of the less common species such as the Spectacled Owl, Emerald Toucanet, and Tody Motmot are a good possibility.


Early morning birding is offered complimentary to our guests.



Pook’s Hill Lodge is a perfect jumping-off point to explore the rich archaeological heritage of Belize.


At the heart of the Pook’s Hill property is a Maya residential complex dating mainly to the Terminal Classic Period (ca.830-950 AD).


The site has been investigated and consolidated by Christophe Helmke and Jaime Awe as part of the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project.


Read more about the Archaeology of Pook's Hill



The Pook's Hill Reserve is a delight to explore. Hike past giant mahogany and under tangled lianas on our jungle trails. There are over 6 km of well kept forest trails through primary forest, along the Roaring River and through forest clearings.


Discover the various medicinal plants, orchids, palms, hardwoods and the diversity of the insect and animal wildlife that use the rainforest of Belize.


Guide services for jungle hikes are complimentary for our guests.



Enjoy the crystal clear water of the Roaring River, downstream from the Thousand-Foot Falls in the Maya Mountains. Pook’s Hill has two miles of frontage on the Roaring River, providing ample opportunity for inner tubing or to cool off in one of the hidden jungle pools.



The jungle is a different world once the sun goes down. Guide services for night walks are offered complimentary to our guests – head out with your flash light to see what is about in the forest at night.

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