… awake to the morning chorus

Pook’s Hill has been endorsed by ornithologists as being in a league of its own. Birding from the lodge, the meadow, and along the riverside is superb. Our combination of trails, river walks and open landscape provide birders with ample opportunity to spot our forest birds and migratory species. Hummingbirds give a spectacular display at the veranda of the lodge and there are good sightings of trogans, motmots, and toucans. With over 300 birds recorded at Pook’s Hill, sightings of many of the less common species such as the Spectacled Owl, Emerald Toucanet, and Toady Motmot are also a good possibility. A checklist of Belize birds showing records from Pook’s Hill can be downloaded here. The lodge has current books to help with identification

Early morning birding is offered complimentary to our guests.


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