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Belize Zoo Tour In Combination With Belize City Or International Airport Transfer
Belize’s charming little zoo has gained world renown as a home for animals native to Belize where they can be viewed in their natural setting – forest enclosures. All of the animals living at the zoo were rescued as orphans, from poaching situations, the illegal pet trade, injury, or exposure due to habitat loss. Thousands of international tourists visit the zoo yearly, but its mission of promoting conservation is clearly aimed towards benefiting Belize and its people. The zoo serves as the main venue for Belizeans to experience the country’s wildlife and is a favorite field trip for school groups. Most of the animals that you will see at the zoo are also found in Pook’s Hill Reserve, but unless you get really lucky, a zoo stop is your best bet at seeing a Jaguar or Tapir in Belize! A tour of the Belize Zoo is perfect activity to combine with a transfer to or from Belize City as it is right on the way!
$25.00 (includes entrance fee but not lunch)

Belize Zoo Tour With Cave Tubing
Combine the cave tubing with a visit to the Belize Zoo. (Please note that the official age limit for the cave tubing tour is 8 years).


Belize Zoo Tour With Zip Line
Combine the Zip Line with a visit to the Belize Zoo. (Please note that the official age limit for the cave zip line tour is 8 years).


*All tours include entrance fees, lunch and transportation. Tour prices are listed as per person with a minimum of 2 persons per tour. All prices listed are in US dollars and do not include 12.5% government tax (GST).

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